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Inspirational Physiques: 10 Of The Most Shredded Guys Featured On Simplyshredded.com Part 1

We take a look at 10 of the most shredded and aesthetic physiques that have been featured on Simplyshredded.com. Please note that this list is in no particular order and that there is Part 2 coming out real soon. In the comment section below tell us who you think should be in Part 2.

Greg Plitt

Photography By: Jason Ellis Photography



Motivational Video: Keeping the fire alive

Marco Pietrowski





Ricky Chan



Akiva Stopford





Rob Riches





Tyler Mcpeak





Binais Begovic



Obi Obidake





Ryan Hughes





Julien Greaux



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  1. George says:

    Julien Greaux is fkn shredded! What an insane physique. I have no idea how he stays so lean year round. Good post!

  2. Shredder58 says:

    Always been a huge fan of Greg Plitt, great size & conditioning & symmetry. In Part 2 I would say, Max Philisaire & Matus Valent & Layne Norton should be added to the list.

  3. Matteo Le Rola says:

    Marco Pietrowski has such an incredible build, so thick/shredded. Have been following his progress for the past 2 years now and he is alywas improving. Nice work Marco, you deserve to be in this list!

  4. Craig says:

    Obi’s fireshot looks alpha as hell! Great photography there and the guy is in amazing shape. All of them are!!!

  5. Boo says:

    Zyzz and Pham Woodbridge should be on the next list. They’re insane.

  6. Tyrese says:

    Great list, lots of impressive physiques that are very appealing to most people. I must say I am most impressed by Julien the most… his conditioning is just insane and I don’t think I have ever seen him on off season mode. Props to him and great list SS.com

  7. jh says:

    Evan Horn, one that was recently interviewed, came in pretty damn shredded. And if we’re talking shredded, we’re talking about people who look like anatomy charts all over.That means that when they chew something, vascularity and striations appear everywhere. I think only 50% of these people have reached it. I’m not bagging on their achievements, it’s just that the best needs to truly be the best to be called the best.

  8. Tenzin says:

    Gregg Plitt!

  9. Joey says:

    Dam these guys look like gods! Impressive stuff.

  10. murale786 says:

    Gregg Plitt has a god like look even though it is mentioned the list doesn’t show up in any order he is at the top. Ben Booker must be there in the part 2.

  11. Samantha says:

    Cool stuff, looking forward to part 2 and also a women’s version as well

  12. Dang says:

    Frank Zane

  13. zac says:

    Tyler Mcpeak is a beast

  14. matt says:

    Kelechi Opara thats his name, f###en shredddded!!!

  15. Bojan says:

    Layne Norton imo

  16. Anonymous says:

    Evan Horn should be number 1

  17. Doomdude says:

    Without doubt part 2 must have Josef Gloor.

  18. James says:

    Thanks Simplyshredded. I Joined this site not so long ago but i have bookmarked it now. So much good material! thanks again :)

  19. hursh says:

    should have kelechi opara, pham and layne norton in p2

  20. Andy says:

    pham woodbridge + Zyzz !!!

  21. Kurt says:

    Steve Cook!

  22. Chad says:

    Pham Woodbridge for Part 2!

    I’m glad Greg Plitt is listed first, definitely an inspiration to many, including myself.

  23. Ben says:

    zyzz, josef rakich, and pham woodbridge should be in the next list

  24. Muk says:

    Zyzz and Joseph Rakich

  25. Tyler says:

    Suprised Kane Sumabat from controlled labs didnt make this list, part 2 for sure.

  26. Kris says:

    Kane Sumabat, Pham Woodbridge, Layne Norton are the three that immediately come to mind for part 2.

  27. Kurt says:

    Zyzz yeah, Josef Rakich is overrated, loads of the guys at my gym are in better shape than him!

  28. Anonymous says:

    kane sumabat definately 43 years old and beats out alot of these 20 yr olds.

  29. Tim says:

    Plitt, Akiva, Chan, Obi are shredded as fuark

  30. Anonymous says:

    plitt brother is incredible….

  31. Mason says:

    Joey Gloor.

  32. steve says:

    definetly zyzz, pham woody and steve cook

  33. Von Diesel says:

    Awesome list. Kane better be on the next part!

  34. anonn says:

    layne norton

  35. Dave Chappelle says:

    I think David Swanson

    or Eric Broser

  36. Anonymouse says:

    Matus Valent so as Zyzz

  37. Mario Sanchez says:

    Greg Plitt fo sho! Next list should be Zyzz, Josef Rakich and Pham Woodbridge.

  38. IGOY says:

    Good video Greg! Thanks!

  39. iTalk says:

    Kelechi Opara missing…. Now dats insanely shredded

  40. Nik says:

    Awesome list! really nasty guys, looks so shredded! I wanna see Steve Cook at part 2 !

  41. Syam says:

    You guys should check out Julien’s latest pictures shot by Jason Ellis. I’ll say that’s the best physique ever! Insanely shredded!

  42. jacob says:

    Obi’s abs in his last picture are the only ones I’ve ever been seen with 8 individual muscles. Most people only have 7 because their bottom ab isn’t separated like that.True 8 pack

  43. brodie2144 says:

    ZYZZ bruh, way better shape than half ya first 10

  44. shredd says:

    Wow they all look amazing

  45. vins says:

    steve poynter will be gr8 add

  46. logan says:

    Need a Scott Dorn interview asap

  47. Anonymous says:


  48. beast says:

    Richy Chan is King

  49. bodybuilding says:

    For part 2 definitely Ulisses Williams Jr.

  50. anon says:

    wow i cant believe they left out ulisses williams jr.

  51. g says:


  52. pacman says:

    Ulisses Williams Jr. def. number 1 and you gotta have zyzz

  53. Chris says:

    Zyzz, Josef Gloor, Ben Booker, Kane Sumbat and Ulisses Williams jr for part 2

  54. Sam says:

    Lazar angelov, Pham woodbridge, and Zyzz :)

  55. Bradley says:

    Def should have Zyzz, Grant Hayden and Pham Woodbridge …
    But will they ever top Greg??

  56. Sid says:

    Zyzz should definitely be up there, he inspired a ton of people through his crazy aesthetic physique.

  57. Greg says:

    Great article. Throw Josef Rakich in part 2. Dude is shredded.

  58. Pondetch says:

    Darrell Holloman & Max Phillisair

  59. Ashik says:

    all my fav’s r here… Greg, Rob Riches n Julien Greaux…dont think it can get any better :-D

  60. Zak says:

    Steve Reeves, Frank Zane, Jack Lalanne (i like the old school guys).
    John Romaniello is in awesome shape, and a great coach

  61. Zach says:

    Jaco De Bruyn and Aaron Curtis for sure!

  62. Adam says:

    Lazar Angelov, Steve Cook, Ulisses Jr., Kelechi Opara, Josef Gloor, Binais Begovic, Pham Woodbridge, Adam Charlton, Aaron Curtis, Jaco De Bruyn, and I don’t think anyone has mentioned AJ Shukoori yet. And please don’t include Zyzz.

  63. Charlie B says:

    Adam Charlton, Aaron Curtis, Lazar Angelov, kevin riley, matt ogus,
    just some of the names that popped into my head

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