Muscle Science Sponsored Athlete & Fitness Model Marco Pietrowski Talks With

How did you get started with bodybuilding?

I got started in fitness & bodybuilding when in 2008 a pro FAME Athlete Tammy Jackson approached me and suggested that I enter a fitness show. At the time I laughed so hard, saying to myself, “Me… a fitness model?? Pppffft hahaha, but then I thought about it and said to myself “Let’s give it a try!”

So I did… and thank goodness I made the right choice, as I absolutely love this lifestyle and am addicted to it!

Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation comes from a fire within, I constantly want to be the best that I can be in everything I do.

What workout routine has worked best for you?

For myself I believe that there is no workout that has worked best, I change my style of training on a regular basis, both on the off season and on season and even when preparing for photoshoots. So in a way it is always changing, although the principles still remain and I make sure the workouts abide by these sets of rules. I make sure I include heavy compound lifts with rep ranges between 3-5 reps (for strength) and I also include plenty of isolation movements as well, to target the smaller muscles. Sometimes I may feel like changing it up and go from doing lower reps to higher reps (6-15) to really feel the burn and train specifically for size (hypertrophy). I feel it is really important to include both sets of rep ranges into your routine.

Here is a sample of my routine split:


  • Monday: Biceps & Calves
  • Tuesday: Legs
  • Wednesday: Shoulders & Calves
  • Thursday: Back, Triceps
  • Friday: Off / Legs & Calves
  • Saturday: Off
  • Sunday: Chest

Pre -Contest

  • Monday: Morning cardio 40min, Night biceps,calves
  • Tuesday: Morning skipping 20min, Night legs
  • Wednesday: Morning cardio 40min, Night shoulders, triceps
  • Thursday: Morning skipping 20min, Night back, calves
  • Friday: Morning cardio, Night legs
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Morning cardio 40min, Night chest

If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

  1. Bench press: I just love it!! It gives me my strength and its just such a powerful compound exercise.
  2. Standing alternating dumbbell curls: With strict form on this exercise I have gained great strength/size
  3. Squats: Squats are pretty much the king of all exercises and the key to building powerful legs.

What is your diet like?

Sample Diet:

Off Season Diet

  • Meal 1 07h30 Oats, double scoop of Whey, 4 whole eggs
  • Meal 2 10h30 Chicken and brown rice
  • Meal 3 13h00 Meal Replacement Shake
  • Meal 4 16h30 Tuna or chicken with wholewheat roll
  • Meal 5 19h00 Steak, vegetables and potatoes
  • Meal 6 21h00 Perfect Protein Shake

Pre-Contest Diet

  • Meal 1 06h30 Oats, double serving of Whey, 6 whole eggs, handful of berries
  • Meal 2 10h30 Tuna on 3 provitas and half avo
  • Meal 3 12h30 Pineapple, trail mix and double scoop whey.
  • Meal 4 16h30 400g chicken breast and one sweet potato
  • Meal 5 17h00 Lean biltong with a single serving whey
  • Meal 6 20h00 Fish and green veg
  • Meal 7 22h00 Protein Shake and tablespoon peanut butter

When trying to cut down do you prefer to use HIIT or just normal cardio?

My diet is very strict and allows me to stay lean year round, therefore I do not do any cardio. Cardio only really comes into play when preparing for a comp, or I’m trying to get really lean for a shoot.

What is your supplementation like?

I keep things nice and simple and stick to the basics and they include:

  • BCAA Complex
  • L-Glutamine powder
  • Whey Supreme
  • Creatine Supreme

Favorite Bodybuilders?

Kevin Levrone, Flex Wheeler, Lee Priest and Dexter Jackson.

Favorite Quote?

Our Deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.. Our Deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.