Raw Iron: The Making of ‘Pumping Iron’ To Celebrate Its 25th Anniversary [Exclusive Footage]

In addition to updating viewers as to what the bodybuilders have been up to since the original docudrama was released back in 1976, this newly produced featurette brings them together for a warm reunion.

“Iron and Beyond,” while mostly serving as a promotional piece for Arnold Schwarzenegger, does also offer some interesting background information on the sport and spectacle of the bodybuilding culture.

An interview with Schwarzenegger, entitled “Iron Insights,” clears the air on the many rumors surrounding the film in a humorous and entertaining manner, with the relaxed bodybuilder-cum-star happily knocking down rumors and reminiscing on some of the film’s most memorable moments.

“Comments from Arnold” discusses the origins of bodybuilding as a sport and the “Pumping Iron Premiere Party” offers interviews with both the original cast and the newest faces in bodybuilding.

Lastly, a video biography for Schwarzenegger presents his life story through voice-over narration, still images, and video clips. Overall, this disc is both a great package for longtime fans and a spectacular introduction to the film for newcomers.