Fitness Model Rochelle Herrera Talks With

How did you get started?

I contemplated answering this question in regards to truth. I mean I’ve always loved working out. Whether it is weight training, running, or some new boot camp/plyometric workout. I need to mix things up. I was a trainer for about 5 years and now with my schedule, just train myself. (Close to 6 days a week at 4:30AM…without an alarm clock.) I can honestly say that what triggered it for me was that I was suffering terribly from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. This led me to a horrible addiction to alcohol and medications. My life was ending before my very eyes. My body was physically addicted. Long story short. Bodybuilding (and God) was a huge tool in turning my life around. I love the way it makes me feel both mentally and physically. I look forward to my work outs daily and try to inspire those that dread them. I just love the way it makes me feel! Physically and mentally!

What gets you motivated?

People always ask me where my motivation comes from; and how I have so much! I guess when you’re doing something you love to do, one really doesn’t need to be motivated. It’s just an innate characteristic. Just like helping someone out; when you give/help someone; you unconsciously have this little euphoric high. Who doesn’t want that feeling?

What is your training philosophy?

The time you’ve spent procrastinating about your workout; you could have been done! Tie those shoes and GO!

If I had to pick only 3 exercises they would have to be?

  • Pull Ups
  • Pike With Stability Ball
  • Any Plyometric Exercises

Why…because they suck! (Can I say that?) I’m currently struggling with them, and they’re hard. I know…I’m sick. Lol It’s the challenge!

When trying to cut down do you prefer to use HIIT or just normal cardio?

Without question…when trying to cut down/lean out, you’ve got to use HIIT! You’ve got to always keep your muscles on its toes! Plus, it’s so much fun! NOT!

What is your philosophy on nutrition?

I’ve never been a fast food/fried food junkie. I try to eat as clean as possible. Lots of veggies and egg whites. Oats w/flaxseed, chicken/salmon. I just recently eliminated any process foods. (Boca burgers, cheese, basically anything that has an ingredient that I can’t pronounce.) Except my fiber one yogurts frozen. Just can’t seem to kick them! Sooo good!

What are your favorite meals and foods?

My favorite meal would have to be breakfast. I love egg white/oatmeal pancakes. Second would be salmon w/brown/long grain rice. Weaknesses would be low fat/sugar frozen yogurts…Oh…and peanut butter, lil dangerous! :)

Favorite cheat food?

Favorite cheat food…I know it sounds weird, but a big bowl of nutty brown/long grain rice and of course ice cream.

What supplements do you use that give you great results?

Other than a multi-vitamin, flax seed, and chromium. I really don’t take many Supplements. Although, this may change soon. Oh, I do use protein powder in shakes and yogurt. (Not as a meal supplement though.)

Favourite Bodybuilders?

I honestly don’t know many bodybuilders names yet. I’m just now getting into that. Their stories, training days, etc; I’m captivated by Ava Cowan and Mariza Prince. Their bodies are amazing! Super sexy! I would love to one day represent! (Hint hint!;)

Favourite Quotes?

One being…”I never regret it when I do it; I always regret it when I don’t.” Another quote I just love would be…”Live today as it were your last!”