Code Of Arms: Jim Cordova’s Ultimate Bicep Training For Explosive Growth

Jim Cordova is currently one of the top fitness models in the nation in addition to being a world-ranked drug-free bodybuilder. As a result of his success, his image can be seen regularly in the majority of mainstream fitness magazines nationwide. He has accumulated over a decade of training experience working with the general public in addition to assisting fitness competitors, models, and top drug-free bodybuilders.

Jim Cordova’s Bread & Butter Bicep Workout

  • Barbell (Cheat) Curls 4 x 5-15 reps
  • Preacher Curls 4 x 5-15 reps
  • Hammer Curls 4 x 5-15 reps (1)
  • Concentration Curls 4 x 5-15 reps (2)


  • (1) Alternating between various barbell, dumbbell and cable apparatuses
  • (2) Mix it up using incline, standard and other variations