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How did you get started with bodybuilding?

Well I really didn’t start in Bodybuilding I started Power lifting at the age of 9 to strengthen my back because I was diagnosed with Scoliosis in the second grade. The doctors wanted to put me in a Halo-with steels rods down my spine and have me walk around like a Zombie for 2-3 years. Thank God my Mom and Dad said no and began using weight training to strengthen the muscles in my back to support my spine.  My dad and brother were both competitive Power lifters so needless to say I wanted to follow. I competed from June of 2000 until April of 2008 for a total of 82 competitions 82 first places and 13 World Titles in various different Federations and set world records in several weight and age groups including Women’s open class World Records. I got my WPO Pro-card at 15 (the youngest pro-Powerlifter ever). (best lifts 420lb squat, 245lb bench press and 365lb dead-lift age 17 wt 118lbs)  FYI I fully plan to go back to the sport I love one day.

Soon Later

Then as I began to develop into a young lady everybody I knew said I needed to try Figure Competition. I had never heard of Figure competition but curiosity got the best of me.  So I  did my research and decided to give it a try. Now I have been lifting extremely heavy weight since I was a very little girl but I was still very small at 5’3″ and 108lbs. People were shocked when they saw me in a Posing Suit. Everyone expected to see a muscular she-male but in fact I look just the opposite. My first show was the Texas Shredder in Austin Texas in Spring of 2008. I won the Teen Div and was runner-up in the Women’s Class at the age of 16. Since then I have competed 4 more times including JR USA in May of 2009. I was 15th of 26 in my class and learned a valuable lesson that day. I needed to gain some serious size. LOL I was tiny compared to most of the other women but I felt great being the youngest girl on stage(17)

So what is the bodybuilding training routine that you use to achieve that killer physique?

I can’t  say I follow a particular routine. I constantly change what I do in the gym. Our bodies adapt to what we do and that is why so many people look the same year after year as they always train the same way.  One day I will lift heavy with multiple low rep sets. Example squats 8-10 sets with 3-5 reps w/65-90% of my 1 rep max w/2-4minutes between sets. Then another day I may go in and and do 5 sets of 20reps with 35-60% of my 1rep max.  Another day I may come in a do a combination of both within the workout. I generally train muscle groups only once every 5-7 days. I usually train 3-4 times a week year round.

When trying to cut down do you prefer to use HIIT or just normal cardio?

Neither,  I depend on my diet more than anything to get me ready for contest. I do not believe in using cardio to burn the fat. Here’s why yes cardio burns calories no doubt but the first thing cardio does is burn muscle and convert quick twitch muscle fiber into slow twitch muscle fiber. If you go to the shows you can tell the girls that have done too much cardio they have no butts and they look stringy. I follow a fairly strict diet year round and I always have. I like broccoli much better than french fries and I like grilled chicken better than Pizza so staying close to contest shape is not difficult. Don’t get me wrong I do love a Pepperoni Pizza every once in a while. LOL  I follow a simple rule I eat for what I am about to do, not for what I just did. I eat my carbs early so I can maintain glucose levels when I train and I focus on Protein after training to replenish the amino acids I depleted during the day. Hey I’m really not that smart I learned all this from my dad. He is a strength and conditioning coach. BTW I want everyone to know the truth. I have heard from others that they were told by a trainer in the Woodlands Texas that he was my trainer, (This is a complete LIE) My dad has been the only person that has ever worked with me in the gym and he has always done my contest diets. I would not trust anyone else to train me he knows me better than anyone and he knows how to push me to the limits without injury and gets the absolute best out of me every day.

What is your Diet like?

I eat every three hours from the time I wake-up until bed time 7 days a week 365 days a year. I take food with me everywhere I go. I eat my calories based on the next 3 hours activity. I eat carbs when I am about to train and I eat small amounts of protein with every meal. I eat a lot of chicken, fish, eggs and Buffalo.

What is your supplementation like?

I am a sponsored athlete by All American EFX so I use all of the supplements from EFX. My training is 100% drug free and always will be so I have got to have the best supplements made. I use Kre-Alkalyn Pro 30 minutes before I train along with Nytric to get an awesome pump in the gym. One of the most important supplements I use every day is L-Glutamine. The closer to a show and the leaner I get the more I take (but thats a long story) trust me if ya wanna keep your muscles take lots of Glutamine. I take a dose after I train and again 30 minutes before bed. I also use  EFX Cell Rush after each workout too. I also use a couple of other amino acids along with my Glutamine especially on heavy training days and if I feel like I am getting sick or feel run down. I have used my dad’s special formula all through my Power lifting career and it has enabled me to recover and compete at my very best for years. I have some really good news too. We are currently working with a Pharmaceutical Company to formulate and produce my dads formula so I can share it with everyone. This stuff will blow you away and I can’t wait til we have it in our hands!!! I will let you guys know as soon as I get it.

Plans for the future?

To continue my quest to become an IFBB Pro-Figure Model. I have been training for the last 8 months to put on some size and I have managed to make some good changes to my physique without adding excess body fat. My goal for this year is to open our new Facility in Conroe Texas The Forever Fit Med-Spa & Gym should open within the next 30 days. It is a 7000SqFT facility with a medical Doctor, Chiropractor and Exercise Physiologist on staff and several Personal Trainers on staff.  I also hope to have my supplement developed early this year to share with everyone.

Favorite Quote?

“In life we’re not born to be winners or losers we’re born to be choosers. What will you chose?