Aspiring Fitness Model Aundrea Annin Talks With

How did you get started with bodybuilding?

Being in the Fitness Industry for 7 years, I have seen a wide array of people from bodybuilders, figure competitors, weight loss clients, to the sweaty gym rats that can’t seem to get enough of pumping iron. Being around these types of people and this setting, I got into Figure Competition mode. It all started with me working with a trainer, to me becoming a trainer, to 24 Hour Fitness sponsoring me if I did a show, to working with my Fitness Manager killing it 3 hours a day to get that perfect body… that’s what jump started the Figure Competitor in me.

What gets you motivated?

My motivation comes from the compliments I get from people inside and outside of the gym. I am referred to Jillian Michael’s by at least half of the clients at my gym, and this helps me to believe that I am a motivator and need to keep pushing and doing what I do.

If I let myself slip even just the slightest bit, I might lose those clients and people’s interest, trust, and motivation that I give and then I have failed not only myself, but them as well.

What workout routine has worked best for you?

The workout routine that has worked best for me in order to stay as lean as possible would consists of one day doing a strength workout and then followed the next day by a burn workout. The third day I rest and then follow it up for day four and five in the same manner. My strength day consists of a heavy leg exercise, a medium weight exercise, followed by a bodyweight exercise.

Then I would pick which upper body part I wanted to concentrate on and I would follow it up with the same pattern; heavy, medium, light. On the burn days I kill it with tabatas!

If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

The 3 exercises I would do would be kettle bell swings, pull-ups, and the prowler. The reason for the KB swings is it’s a total body exercise working every muscle you can imagine. Not to mention it’s awesome for your core! Pull-ups are every woman’s exercise they dream of doing…either you love them or hate them! I feel that if a woman can do a pull-up and can drag up her own bodyweight, she is in phenomenal shape! Killer upper-body workout! And lastly the prowler! It’s one of the best lower body exercises ever!

Pushing that sled down and back not only raises your heart rate and get your cardiovascular system going, but it shreds your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Perfect for getting those legs looking just right!

What is your diet like?

My daily diet consists of oatmeal or Kashi Go Lean cereal for breakfast and egg whites. Followed by a protein shake after my workout. For lunch I steam up some broccoli and throw in some tuna or chicken for that protein with maybe a teaspoon of low fat mozzarella cheese. Followed by some nuts or some string cheese for snack. Dinner is always the same, salad with salmon or ground turkey burgers.

I have been on a turkey burger kick now for the past few months and absolutely love it and am seeing great results! Right before I hit the sack, I will have some protein pudding and call it a night.

They say that the pre and post-workout meals are the most vital meals for the day, what do yours consist of?

My pre-workout meal is usually my breakfast which is oatmeal or cereal that is high in carbohydrates to help me kill my workout. Without those carbs to give you energy, slacking tends to occur. Another pre-workout meal/snack I might eat is a banana. Bananas are high in potassium and carbohydrates and give off some great energy! Post-workout…ALWAYS A PROTEIN SHAKE!

When trying to cut down do you prefer to use HIIT or just normal cardio?

When cutting down, I definitely prefer HIIT training. I think intervals and periods of high intensity work tend to cut down on body fat real quick.

What is your supplementation like?

My supplements consist of a multivitamin, calcium, Fat Burn 2, Gladiator Protein, Omega 3, and Glutamine.

Favorite Fitness Models?

My favorite fitness model would have to be Jennifer Nicole Lee. She is such an inspiration and I absolutely love her physique.

Favorite Quote?

“You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.” By Percy Cerutty