WNSO Pro & Fitness Model Amy Rozier Talks With Simplyshredded.com

How did you get started with bodybuilding?

This is somewhat of a funny story.  I have never been the athletic type…NEVER played a day of sports, gymnastics or cheerleading in my whole life!  I have very good genetics in the fact I have always been a small frame and could pretty much eat what I wanted.  Some might consider me skinny fat.  My whole body changed after giving birth to my second child. That is when I decided that it was time to join a gym.  What I would consider “working out” would be 30 minutes of cardio and of course to tan! I would never even venture into the weight room, for fear of the unknown.

What would I do?  How much weight would I use? Would I even know how to use some of the machines?  Would the guys stare at me?

So my cardio machine and I would have a date about 3 days a week for about a year.  Then in January of 2009, a trainer at the gym stopped me one day.  She was very persistant on wanting to train me.  She explained that she could see potential in me and I was “wasting” it!  Exactly four months later I was on stage for my first competition and consequently brought home the title!  Needless to say I was HOOKED!

What gets you motivated?

I would be lying if I said that I want to eat clean and train everyday.  There are days when you just want to eat a bag of chips or just simply sleep in.  My motivation to keep me going is the fact that I know I am living the best lifestyle I can possible live.  It has a ripple down effect on everything…you look better, feel better, have more energy and most importantly self-confidence.  My true inspirations are Ava Cowan, Monica Brant, Jessica Paxson-Putnam, Jamie Eason and Nicole Wilkins Lee!!  These are some of the girls that I look at daily to give me the motivation to push myself harder and become the best that I can be.  I want to be that fitness model that others look to for their motivation.  As a mother of two children, knowing that I an showing other women the importance of a healthy lifestyle is what gives me the drive to continue going!

What is your training philosophy?

Persistence, and  determination!  You must set yourself goals as to what you want out of your workouts whether is it just to lose weight or training for an event.  Then you must be persistent in going for it!  You must also have the determination to truly want it.  For me I set myself goals in getting ready for competitions and I am very determined that I will do whatever it takes to get there.  It is such an accomplishment when you finally achieve what you set out to do.

If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

Wow…my workouts change daily even weekly.  My trainer and I try to incorporate a lot of different exercise to work muscle group in various ways.  We constantly change them so that my body does not get use to a particular routine.  This way it challenges myself and my muscles a little more.

  1. Plyometrics – I love the fast, intense training using your own body weight.  Some of my favorites are box jumps, burpees, jumping lunges, and jump squats.  My lower body is my “trouble” area and I have found that plyometrics works best for it.  My trainer applies it a lot to my leg and lower body days to get them in the best shape possible.
  2. Cross Fit – This is all about high intensity and speed.  I love the challenge of doing pull-ups on the rings, slams with the medicine balls, kettle bell swings and working with the ropes.  This style of workout makes my muscles ache just talking about it! Haha
  3. Free weights – I love working free weights for my shoulders, back, biceps, and triceps.

Arnold Amateur Figure 2010

When trying to cut down do you prefer to use HIIT or just normal cardio?

I prefer to use HITT.  I love the feeling of the fast pace to HITT workouts.  I feel as though I can get my heart rate up faster, therefore burning more calories.  My muscle let me know that I am working them more.  As with cardio, it can be boring at times.  With some machines I feel as though I don’t get all I could out of it.  I like to break a sweat and feel my muscles BURN!

What is your philosophy on nutrition?

Nutrition is a large part of my training.  For me a clean diet plays a very important role in getting my body to look like I want it to.  I eat about 6 times a day, eating every 2 ½ – 3 hours.  This is to keep my metabolism going at a high rate throughout the day.  I eat high protein, low card, low fat and low sugar.  When getting ready for a competition my diet takes a life of its own.  I do however eat as clean a possible year round to help me maintain my body that I have worked so hard to obtain.  Being a fitness model, I have to be ready at all times not just during “competition” season

What are your favorite meals and foods?

My favorite meal is dinner.  My diet contains a lot of good lean protein like chicken and fish.  In trying not to get tired of eating it, you have to get creative.  I love looking through Fitness magazines for great healthy recipes that incorporate my lean protein.  I like to try various ways of cooking and preparing it so that it has a new flavor every time!

Favorite cheat food?

I try to keep my diet as clean as possible however, you will have that occasion where you want something that is not on the diet.  For me I try not to cheat, it makes it easier for me not to want just “one more.”  I do eat a cheat food after every competition and it is funny to say that I crave Cheetos!  So after every show…there is a bag waiting for me.

What supplements do you use?

Supplements are very important in my diet.  I take a multi-vitamin pack everyday.  I also truly believe in taking vitamin C several times a day to keep me in the healthiest shape possible.  With a restricted diet this is very important.  During competiton, I do take a fat-burner.  For me, I take Lipo-6 Original.  I honestly can say the it works and can tell a huge difference when I am on it.  I started out at 26% body fat and at my first competiton I was down to 9%!!

Which era of bodybuilding had superior physiques? Yesterdays Bodybuilders Or Todays?

I feel like the bodybuilders of today look the best!  For me I think the women today look more feminine.  It is important that when you obtain so much muscle as a woman that you don’t lose your true femininity.  You can be well-built, strong and still look like a lady.

Favorite Bodybuilders?

Some of my favorites are the Figure/Fitness girls.  I LOVE Ava Cowan, Monica Brant and Jamie Eason!  These girls have shown that you can be a strong WOMAN!  All of them hold true to their families and values and still have achieved some much.  I am also inspired by the fact that Ava and Monica are still in as good if not better shape as some of the younger girls!  My new idol is Nicole Wilkin Lee, she presents such beauty and grace in her presence!

Favorite Quote?

One that my trainer always tells me…

”If it ain’t hurtin, it ain’t workin!!”

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