African Beasts Alseny and Sekou Mock Gravity With Their Legendary Acrobatics

Alseny Sylla

Alseny began training around 9 years old. His family was against him training in the circus but he insisted on continuing his acrobatic training. Through hard work, Alseny was able to join Cavalia Odysseo and travel the world.

Today he also runs a circus/acrobatic school in Guinea, encouraging his students to be strong, positive and patient.

Sekou Badi

Sekou started training at the age of 9. He went to the beach one day and saw people tumbling and instantly fell in love. His father was against him going to circus school, but Alseny would manage to help Sekou sneak out and take him to circus school and train.

Despite being disciplined every time after continuing his acrobatic practices, Sekou did not give up. Today Sekou is traveling the world with Cavalia Odysseo.