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SimplyshreddedTV Episode 4: Train Like Hell – A Film By Miguel Valenzuela


SimplyShreddedTV Episode 4: Train Like Hell

This video is a tribute to all the people out there who train with a fiery passion; who refuse to be deluded by gimmicks and fads that promise impossible results. This video is for you. Hard work may not be fashionable, but it never goes out of style. [Watch in Fullscreen HD]



Written, Filmed, Produced and Hosted by Miguel Valenzuela
Music Credits: God Destruction, Suicide Commando, Hocico
Sponsors: Activewear Online
Athletes: Marko, Stacey Mc Mahon, Chris Jenkins, Rach White, Jay Jay Mitchell, Paapa Kweku, Nathan Roe, Renae Thomas, PJ Lee, Tammie Sarkozy, Natika Leanne, Eddy Ung & “Meataxe” Mark Taylor.

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  1. Craig says:

    That episode was fucking intense! Love how you guys are promoting hard work! Just remember there are no shortcuts guys

  2. Peterparker says:

    Hey guys.
    Where can i get the aesthetic perfection technology tanktop?

  3. Jay says:

    Very well made, nice work guys

  4. Bryan says:

    Amazing video though, will watch this for motivation everyday before the gym.

  5. John says:

    Damn, How does someone get featured in a video like this!?

  6. Danish khan says:

    Simplyshredded tv keeps getting better and better fueling millions all over planet earth to color their dreams ..and Miguel Valenzuela keep it coming you’re awesome …

  7. jeff says:

    Epic montage, good stuff SS

  8. One Man Army says:

    Gotta say that was pretty fuckin inspiring, made me jump right out of bed, literally, and run to the furthest gym. I love this new series keep it coming. Amazing stuff here. Also just want to take the time to say, simplyshredded.com has to be my top pick for fitness sites and im always recommending.

  9. Masha says:

    AMAZING VIDEO!!! I love to watch these motivational videos before my workouts. Gets me more jacked than a pre workout!!

  10. Gravemind says:

    Best episode till date! Amazing video, nice job and keep it coming! Love the originality you put in the video, differing from the regular motivational video’s.

  11. Jordan says:

    Marko looks massive in this video, what a machine for only 20 years old

  12. Shaun says:

    Another awesome video!! Already added to my motivational arsenal.
    Good to meet you at FitX yesterday, keep the videos coming..

  13. Hey Guys,

    tried to shazam the audio but no matches, i see the artists names in the credits. any idea of the song title?

    crazy vid, gonna KILL myself in the gym today!

  14. Charlie says:

    The best part of the vid is the disclaimer!

  15. Newbie says:

    Any idea where can i get the aesthetic perfection technology tanktop?
    Allready tryed google with no results.

  16. Benji says:

    Where do we find the black tank top, anyone please?

  17. Mich says:


  18. Robbo says:

    Very nice and inspirational video. I really like the song (not the intro song). I see the music credits but can’t find the name of the song or which band does it.

  19. Trace says:

    Why does no one tell us where to get the aptech tank…I need that tank top!

  20. Rezart says:

    One of the best Motivational videos I have ever seen. Thank you so much for all the great content this website provides.

  21. Kansas___Boyyyyy says:

    The Songs are:
    Suicide Commando – Intro
    Hocico – Firewalking
    God Of Destruction – Son of Satan
    God of Destruction – Armageddon

  22. Abdul Islam says:

    If that doesn’t get you jacked up to work out or motivate you, you must be dead. Simply Shredded is the best.

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