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Interview With Paul Revelia

How did you get started with bodybuilding?

10t9ODgvoGIdh0eDPbAOrsKSIe81Mi1890I signed up for a weightlifting class at the end of my 10th grade year in high school. That summer a friend and I used his weight set and a book called the Arnold Schwarzenegger Modern Bodybuilding Encyclopedia to put on as much muscle as possible. This began the obsession which has been fueled over the years by one goal or another.

What is your training routine like?

I have used many methods over the years to add strength and size and to be honest they all work. Some work for a short period of time and some last longer. Any routine can be used to make progress although I am now using a training split developed by Layne Norton. I have always felt that training a muscle once a week did not allow me to grow. Two times a week seemed better to me but still not optimal. Layne’s training split includes hitting every muscle twice a week. The first time the muscle is hit with low rep power lifting style workouts. Later in the week the hypertrophy workouts are used. The body adapts to this training after a short period and I have been able to gain size and strength consistently with this program. Layne calls it the Power\Hypertrophy split.

When trying to cut down do you prefer to use HIIT or just normal cardio?

As a matter of preference I would say HIIT. This is more for the fact that it is done and over much quicker and during contest prep some days feel as though they will never end with food preparation, training, posing, and cardio. However, I use both methods and feel it is optimal to make use of everything at your disposal. The body adapts to everything we do, so changing our cardio works much the same way changing our lifting routine does. I utilize the bike a lot for my Medium state cardio and walking for the light cardio. Bike sprints provide the platform for most of my HIIT cardio, although I do like to sprint outdoors as well.


What is your diet like?

My diet is very simple. I try to keep my food sources to those which provide a single macro nutrient. I don’t like to get my carbohydrates and protein from the same source. This is just a matter of preference and helps me keep track of my diet easier. I eat every 3.5 to 4 hours. I keep my carbohydrates pretty high compared to some. The lowest I had to drop them during prep was 200 grams a day, while doing cardio 4 days a week. My typical foods are chicken, tilapia, tuna, eggs, baked lays, sweet potatoes, fiber bars, granola, oatmeal, almonds and avocado. I will also use steak and other foods but those are my staples during prep.

Whats your supplement stack?

1Quani7qOQ4ZztOiq8xEhXoRJqqj781I have been a fan of Scivation supplements ever since I started posting on the bodybuilding forums. I have found their prices and quality to be second to none as well as their support for natural bodybuilding. Here are the staples in my supplement routine.

  • Xtend
  • EFA’s
  • Creatine
  • Multi Vitamin
  • Scivation Whey
  • Glucosamine
  • Vasocharge for a pre workout boost.

Plans for the future?

I was able to win my Natural Pro Card in my first qualifier and was not expecting to already have it. For this reason I am planning on taking all of 2010 off and competing at the end of 2011 in several Pro Shows. I will also compete in a few NPC shows in my area around that time. Right now I am going to be spending all my effort to get stronger with all my major lifts in an effort to thicken my entire physique. My girlfriend also competes so I will be helping her get ready for a few shows in 2010.

Favourite Bodybuilders?

1ugxs6T0MaitD0imqsXrHDEmEromwh429First is Arnold, I am also a huge fan of bodybuilders from the era such as Frank Zane, Serge Nubret and then into guys like Bob Paris and Rich Gaspari. I am not currently a fan of the look of the top pro’s but I am a fan of Jay Cutlers. My current list would have to include Brian Whitacre, Jeff Rodriguez, Layne Norton and Doug Miller.

Favourite Quote?

There are so many great quotes that relate to bodybuilding. There are two I use all the time. One is from Layne Norton which goes “If you beat me, it won’t be because you outworked me”. The other quote I like to use is from an unknown source but really applies to bodybuilding, “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”. To me this means you need to constantly be pushing and finding new ways to improve or you will just be one of the guys who goes to the gym day in and day out and never looks any different.

Bodyspace: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/fltallpaul/

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